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What we do

Concrete isn't just concrete anymore. There are many different concrete additions, finishes, treatments and styles to take in to consideration when planning your next pour. Fenix Concrete Services can help guide you in the decision process in choosing the right application for your requirements. Below is a list of finishes we specialise in.


Plain Concrete

Good old Grey.  Use it as a base for your covercrete, tiles, pavers and maybe a shed slab or a hot water tank.

Coloured Concrete

Concrete can be coloured in a variety of ways depending on your needs and the desired final look.  Coloured mineral oxide powder or liquids are added to the concrete at the batching plant and the entire mix of the concrete is coloured.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is the process of washing off the top layer of cement off freshly laid concrete to expose the pre-chosen aggregate (stone) underneath.  This is a very popular finish in the construction industry because of its low maintenance.  It’s a very hardwearing surface and low maintenance.  We then seal the surface giving it a very professional finish.

Stamped Concereting

Stamped concrete is the process of colouring freshly laid concrete either integrally or by colour hardener.  Then when the concrete is at the desired stage a powder or liquid release agent is applied to the surface of the concrete.  It is then stamped using a textured and or pattern mould which is chose by the client before work has begun.

Stencilled Concrete

Fenix concrete Services promote a vast array of stencil concrete options which can be applied to new concrete surfaces.  These stencil concrete finishes are extremely decorative and suite all areas.


Covercrete is designed to create a unique decorative finish on existing and new concrete surfaces.  Our spray on coatings bond rigidly to suitable concrete surfaces to help create a slip resistant textured and decorative surface for all areas with over 40 colours and patterns to choose from our expertise and experience can help design the ultimate in concrete finishes.

Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing transforms what most would consider a full material into a fascinating, highly detailed surface that can hold a high gloss for decades.  Most people on seeing a polished concrete floor for the first time are in awe of it beauty.

Decorative Saw Cutting

Decorative saw cutting is quite simply just that.  It can be done on all types of concrete, plain, coloured or exposed aggregate is cut into a pattern.  Usually large squares.  This look is very popular with Architects as it gives the look of very large Tiles or pavers.

Acid Stained Concrete

Architects and Builder are becoming more and more found of acid stained concrete because of the one of a kind look that can be achieved using different stains and finishing techniques on new or old concrete.

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